About Us

Our company is engaged in manufacturing and sale of grease filters for cooker hoods.

On our website is a wide range of grease filters for a variety of manufacturers, configurations and models of cooker hoods. Also you can search for the filter according to the known size.

All our filters meet the qualities of security, reliability and durability.

We offer:

- Professional advice and assistance in the selection of the filter.
- Constantly growing assortment of filters.
- Reasonable prices for the entire range of products.
- Fast and inexpensive international delivery.
- Discounts on goods and delivery for regular customers.

Having grease filters affordable, we want to deliver their clients from the unpleasant filter washing and cleaning process. Often, this process results in the final into disrepair filter.

Please contact us and we will help you to save your time and money when searching for the required grease filter hood!